Authorised/Unauthorised Absences 2013/2014

Our attendance figures of over 97% are consistently amongst the highest of all schools in Hertfordshire.

Number on Roll (Years 7 - 11) : 948

Percentage of half days missed to :

Overall Absence
Sandringham School : 2.7%        
Hertfordshire Average* : 5.4%      
England Average* : 5.8%             

Persistent Absence
Sandringham School : 1.78%         
Hertfordshire Average* : 5.5%    
England Average* : 6.5%          

*Hertfordshire & England figures: 2013

It is Sandringham policy to maintain excellent attendance, which stands at over 97% across the school. While some absences, such as for illness, are quite unavoidable, we find that students with a full attendance are more confident and more successful in their studies.

The following routines are part of our response to the need to monitor attendance: 


  • Parents must inform school immediately a student is absent , using our Absence line: 01727 799564.
  • Our Pastoral Support Assistant will contact parents as soon as a student is absent with no explanation if they are deemed to be at risk.
  • Parents of any student who is absent with no explanation will be contacted.
  • Continued and frequent absences with no satisfactory explanation will be referred to the Attendance Improvement Officer.
  • Only the Head teacher can authorise an absence from school.
  • Random attendance checks will be operated during the day to deter unauthorised absences from lessons.
  • Detention will operate on a weekly basis for students involved in unauthorised absences.
  • Rewards will be given for good attendance and where a marked improvement in attendance is achieved.

Recent changes in legislation make it clear that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Headteachers no longer have the discretion to allow any time for a family holiday or to agree to extended leave for parents to visit their country of origin. While we appreciate that it can be more expensive to go away in the holiday periods this ultimately means losing valuable school time at the expense of your child’s education. If your child is absent from school because of a holiday which has not been agreed, this will be classified as an unauthorised absence and you may be fined or legal action taken against you.

If you feel that the circumstances are exceptional then an application should be made to school, prior to any arrangements being made. The Headteacher will then decide whether or not the absence can be authorised.

Please take time to view the Absences, Punctuality & Holiday Requests document.