A ‘cashless cafeteria‘ operated by Scolarest Catering provides hot and cold meals and snacks before school, at break time and lunchtime.

The cashless system can be topped up before school, at break or lunchtime. Full details of the system are issued to all parents of new students. Students may bring a packed lunch. These are to be eaten in the dining area. Details about the provision of free school meals are available from Julia Shaw, School Manager.

The cashless catering system uses a fingerprint image to creates a mathematical algorithm. The fingerprint is then discarded, leaving the numerical code behind, and this cannot be re-interpreted back into a fingerprint. This enables students to put cash onto their ‘finger‘ to pay for school meals.

We have also recently introduced ParentPay, which is enables parents/carers to transfer funds onto the child ‘s finger via the internet. Each parent/carer has a uniqiue user ID and password that can be used to access Parent Pay at

If you have any questions about school meals or Parent Pay then please contact Julia Shaw, School Manager.

Autumn Menu Cycle

Canteen Prices as of September 2014