Sandringham win team of the year at National Teaching Awards 2016

The secret of any success lies in great teamwork and this is certainly true for one of the teams at Sandringham.  The STEM team from Sandringham won the National Teaching Award for team of the year at the grand final held in the Guildhall, London, last night.  > view full article

Making progress on next development at Farafenni Senior School, The Gambia

As you know, we have been in partnership with Farafenni Senior Secondary High School in The Gambia, West Africa for over eight years now. Over this time there have been numerous staff and student visits in both directions, and considerable development work on the curriculum, leadership and campus. In February we were invited over to help open their new School Hall, built from funds raised by Sandringham.  > view full article

French Exchange 2016

Our exchange season has begun with the return visit to St Jorioz on Lake Annecy by 23 students, two of whom were returning for a second exchange visit. The hot weather broke the day the group arrived so it was a moody view of Lake Annecy which greeted them, with low clouds in the Alpine valleys. The views were spectacular. > view full article

German Exchange 2016

The students and staff of Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Gymnasium arrived last Thursday to spend a week with their exchange partners from Sandringham. The exchange started in 2009 and has been a key part of the MFL calendar since then with many students and families setting up life-long friendships over the years.   > view full article

STEAM Powered Drawing Week

Join our STEAM-powered Drawing Week. We are exploring the crucial role of drawing and how it relates to STEM subjects. From CAD design and architecture, to modelling, graphing in mathematics, and the wonder of natural forms in biology, we are offering students a wide range of opportunities to draw and understand the applications of drawing. We will be assembling our STEAM powered art display so encourage all students to get drawing this week. > view full article

Peak District 2016 - A half

Wednesday After a battle through the M1 traffic, we arrived at a sunny Carsington Water for lunch. The students showed admirable interest, calling it 'beautiful'! After expolring Stones Island, the museum and the adventure playground, we set off for the shprt journey to Ilam Hall. We went for a walk around the grounds and through Ilam village. A herd of sheep seeemed less than inpressed by our intrusion and ran for their lives. > view full article

Peak District 2016

Monday > view full article

Sixth from destinations

We have now compiled a map showing the destinations of our lovely ex-year 13 students. The vast majority are off to the very best universities around the country and we wish them every success with their degree courses. A full copy of the map can be downloaded here. Well done everyone.   > view full article

GCSE results 2016

Amazing GCSE results from our lovely year 11 students with record progress and value added figures, as well as raw attainment. Not only did students meet their targets, but large numbers exceeded them to achieve results that will allow access to further education, either in our sixth form or at college. > view full article

Record A-level results 2016

Sixth form students at Sandringham continued a long tradition of outstanding performance at A-level achieving record results once again. The majority of results were the highest grades of A*, A and B, with many gaining straight A*s and As. Almost every student celebrated gaining their first choice place from the top 40 universities in the country, with seven Oxbridge successes and three off to study medicine. > view full article