The 2016 trip to France is underway. A slightly later start did not stop us catching the 8.25 a.m. Ferry from Dover and we are currently 1 hour away from Chateau Beaumont. 

The Chateau is situated near to the village of Chailland, apetite cité de caractère in the département of Mayenne . Nestling in beautiful, tranquil French countryside on the borders of Normandy and the Loire, the Château sits on the crest of a hill surrounded by 10 acres of grounds.

It has been very wet the entire journey, and the weather does not look great for the rest of the week. However, the students have been fantastic so far and we will make sure they have a wonderful time in France.

Keep checking back here for updates. We will try to post plenty of photographs as long as the Internet holds up.


Update 1:  Monday p.m.    Arrived at 6.00 p.m. (French time). Everyone has had their evening meal, a tour of the site and a fire drill. Rooms all sorted and many of them are just sitting down to watch the England game. Up bright and early tomorrow!


Update 2:  Tuesday a.m.    Everyone is awake and about to have breakfast. We are off to the lovely city of St. Malo this morning before visiting the Oyster farm in Cancale. We hope to upload photos tonight.


Update 3:  Tuesday p.m.    Long day today - spent the morning in St. Malo going around the ramparts of the old walled city before some time for shopping. We then had a picnic on the beach before setting off for the oyster Farm in Cancale. Most students had an oyster. We arrived back at the Chateau ready for the evening meal followed by a team building exercise to protect an egg when dropped from the top of the building.


Update 4:  Wednesday afternoon      Another long day with all of us at St. Hillaire market in the morning, having a picnic by the lake at lunchtime and then going our separate ways in the afternoon. Coach one visited the Cider Farm which was very enjoyable. French evening tonight.


Update 5:  Thursday afternoon.     Last night we experienced a tremendous thunderstorm that ended at breakfast time. Since then, the weather has improved and all the activities have been completed. Groups have been taking part in the ZipWire, Nightline, Archery, Fencing and Swimming. The afternoon session finished with either the castle in Fougeres or the cider farm. Tonight we will be cleaning rooms and packing before the talent show and disco. Hope to leave on time tomorrow and will post details of expected time of arrival during the day.