After a battle through the M1 traffic, we arrived at a sunny Carsington Water for lunch. The students showed admirable interest, calling it 'beautiful'! After expolring Stones Island, the museum and the adventure playground, we set off for the shprt journey to Ilam Hall.

We went for a walk around the grounds and through Ilam village. A herd of sheep seeemed less than inpressed by our intrusion and ran for their lives.

After dinner, we worked in our booklets but the highlight of the trip so far was the Rap Battle between 7B (Mr Deeley) and 78 (Mrs Holmes). Disco lights added to the performances and students suitably rewarded by tuck shop fayre. 


We saw: hills, dales, country pancakes that smelt none too pleasant, blue skies with fluffy clouds, strong winds with battleship-grey clouds, a friendly dog who wanted to be tickled, some pushy ducks who were snatching sandwiches, some sheep happy for selfies, some cows a'charging who took exception to intrusion, freshwater from a spring, secrets from a deep cave, pooh-sticks on a bridge, a money tree that gave real money, a welcome snack stop, a steep climb to a hill with a windy flat top, descending by any means possible, but usually bumping down on our bottoms, the best ice-cream in Derbyshire (honeycomb and caramel!), a welcoming hostel with thoughts of the disco.

we felt: happy, cheerful, anxious, tired, proud, chatty, friendly, challenged, fulfilled, exhausted and amazed by the many new things and experiences that we had today.

we also set a new record for completing the 15Km walk and didn't even ask 'are we there yet?' very often!