I am sure you are aware that there is considerable national debate about school funding. 

Despite the rhetoric from the DfE over protecting schools' budgets, the reality is clear that the flat cash settlements over recent years and into the future are resulting in a significant REAL TERMS CUT to education funding in England. The latest predictions are a shortfall of between 8 - 13% by 2020. 

Sandringham has an outstanding record of financial management and we have used our funding wisely for the benefit of all students. However, despite growing in size there are still severe funding pressures that need to be met. 

As chair of Hertfordshire Schools Forum, I have written to the Secretary of State for Education arguing that the government should immediately review the education budget to avoid implications in the future. A copy of this letter can be downloaded here.  A response has been received which was less than positive and demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of the real situation. 

Let's hope that with ongoing lobbying, we will be able to protect one of our most valuable assets - that of high-quality education for all. 


Alan Gray