The Sixth Form staff

We have a team of five key staff dedicated to helping you enjoy and achieve highly in your courses.

Kate Mouncey - Director of Sixth Form, with overall responsibility for the Sixth Form

Katie Wills - Assistant Director of Sixth Form, with specific responsibility for Year 12

Caroline Creaby  -  Assistant Headteacher - Strategic lead for the Sixth Form

Gill Maskatiya - Part-time sixth form learning mentor

Deirdre Cairns - Part-time sixth form learning mentor

Louise Grubb - Sixth form administrator

Sixth Form Tutors

Your tutor plays a vital role in supporting you through the next one or two years. Being in the Sixth Form is much more complex than in Lower School. There are many more decisions to make and most have greater consequences for your future. You will need to be well informed and well advised. 

This is where your Sixth Form Tutor comes in. It is their role to support you in adjusting to the extra freedom and responsibility that being a Sixth Former brings. This includes the vital task of helping you to become a more independent learner so that you can rise to the challenge of Sixth Form learning and beyond into university and employment.

You will have the opportunity for one on one or small group tutorials and this is the place to ask us for help with whatever you need support with, whether the issue is about a subject problem, time management, personal difficulties which are impeding your studies, job and university references, exam preparation, or any other topic which is concerning you.

Sixth Form Destinations

In 2016, 144 Sandringham students went to university.  A number also choose to take a gap year to gain wider experience before entering Higher Education in 2017. You can see a wonderful map showing this information by following this link. 

Sixth Form Results - 2016

We are very proud of all our sixth form students and would like to congratulate them on their achievements. The results are a school record and have given students the opportunity to fulfil their dreams of Higher Education at many of the best Universities in the country.

37%  A* - A grades

67%  A* - B grades

88%  A* - C grades

242 average points per entry

+0.34 Level 3 VA score

ALPS progress 2

There were 7 students who went to Oxbridge and 3 who have gone to study medicine.

Value added significantly above National average

Sixth Form Dress Code

The dress code can be downloaded here.