High Starters Co-ordinator – Martin Young (Director of Economics and Business)

At Sandringham school we believe that people are not innately gifted or talented and that effort is a key characteristic of being a high achiever. Thus, at Sandringham we use the terminology ‘High Starters’ as opposed to the term Gifted and Talented. This reflects our belief that by adopting a growth mind-set a student may improve and develop their ability in a subject area.  High Starters captures the fact that some students are performing at a level over and above their age-related peers in a certain area, but that this situation is flexible; most High Starters will have to work hard to maintain this advantage, while other students can become High Starters through improving their performance.

As part of the IGNITE programme students will aim to complete one or more of the following activities:

  • Running an event in their chosen subject area and reviewing the report through report writing.
  • Producing a report/essay on an area in their chosen subject.
  • Producing any other academic written piece such as; data analysis, a series of challenging maths problems, a book review, a magazine review etc.
  • Creating artwork of an incredibly high standard.
  • Reviewing a piece of drama.
  • Creating and analysing the design and build of projects.
  • Investigating an area of the students choosing.
  • These activities could also fall into the participation of the BBC school news report whereby articles and videos are created related to current affairs or community events in school.
  • EPQ inclusion

Below you will find department provision from faculties across the school:

Art - Additional Opportunities Art Computing D&T
Dance Drama Economics and Business English 
Geography History Maths Media
MFL Music PE Psychology
RS Science