Sandringham operates a house system, with students organised into six houses. Every student in Years 7 – 11 wears a pin badge denoting the colour of their house on their blazer.  This helps to generate a sense of house identity within the school community.

The Houses

Boudica           Miss Semple   

Darwin             Mr Chopra  

Erikson            Miss S Jackson

Knight              Miss Towell

Seacole           Miss K Jackson

Van Gogh        Mrs Maberly

2015– 16 winners were Van Gogh

Throughout the year, the houses compete in a series of events to win points for their house. These include

  • House Spelling
  • House Maths competition
  • Last Choir Standing
  • House Performing Arts competition
  • Top of the Form
  • House Day
  • Sports Day
  • Fun Run
  • Quizzes
  • App design competition

Students can also add to their house totals through earning house points for excellent work and effort and a range of other smaller activities organised throughout the year. 

Earning house points

There are many activities running through the school year for students to contribute to their House. Each house point awarded to students automatically adds to the house total and these are recorded by the students and given to Heads of House to be entered in the system. For the large events, such as Sports Day, House Arts and the Fun Run points are awarded based on finishing positions. Students can also gain House Points for taking part in extra-curricular activities, for representing the school and for participating in many enrichment activities.

A separate house event takes place on extended learning day 5 in the summer term. This is when students choose to take part in an activity for the day and compete against their peers in their events. Points are added up and the winning House receive the House Day Cup. In Summer 2016 House Day had an Invention theme and was won by Darwin house.

Leadership Opportunities

The house competition is about participation and working together with students from all year groups. It provides students with opportunities to be a leader either by being a sixth form House Captain, being elected as a House Leader or even taking responsibility to help lead a specific activity or event.

House Charities

The houses also work hard to raise funds for charities that are selected by each house on an annual basis.

The selected charities for 2016 – 17 are

B – Cancer Research


E – Water Aid

K – Parkinsons UK


V – Great Ormond Street Hospital

We encourage every student to be active member of their house and take every opportunity to gain points for their house.  Every point is vital to help be the winning team and lift the house cup on sports day at the end of the summer term!