We aim to provide a rich and diverse range of activities which expand the horizons of our students, motivate them and develop their talents.

All students are encouraged to participate in clubs, teams, workshops, visits, performances and other activities.

We also aim to support students to understand and deal with the global nature of our World. All students follow at least one foreign language (French, German or Spanish) to GCSE level. Our International Status means we are linked with schools in the Gambia and in Europe, with many regular exchange visits and trips taking place.

We run six Extended Learning Days throughout the year to add to the excitement of learning and stimulate deep learning provided through extended projects. These dovetail with our curriculum to ensure coherent and powerful learning experiences.

There is an extensive range of trips to all parts of the globe. A team building trip to the Peak District is run in the third week of term for all new year 7 students; in year 8 the students spend a week in St. Lunaire, France; year 9 includes a week long visit to the Rhineland for everyone studying German, and there are many subject specific field trips for examinations students at KS4 and A-level. As part of our Arts Status we run many international visits and music tours. Sixth Formers have the opportunity of a once in a lifetime trip to an exotic destination such as Borneo, China, Central America, Bakino Faso and Ecuador.

We also run annual exchanges with schools in Quickborn (Germany), Annecy (France) and Seville (Spain). These are amazing opportunities for students to experience everyday life and culture in our neighbouring countries as well as improve their linguistic skills. 

Lower and upper school ski trips add to a fully comprehensive offering for all students.

The values of meeting challenges and being an independent learner are partly delivered through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. This is a core feature of activity in years 10 to 13 with large numbers of students completing awards at all levels and adds significant value to the development of studentsā€˜ leadership skills as well as being great fun. 

Charging Policy for Activities

Some learning and educational activities will incur a charge to parents, but no student will be excluded from the activity if a contribution is unable to be made. An activity may have to be cancelled if insufficient contributions are made. Payments for all activities can be made by instalments. A full policy statement is available from the school office.