Our curriculum is a rich and exciting mixture of subjects designed to meet the needs of all our students and help them reach their full potential.

We take pride in tailoring what is offered to ensure that the interests and talents of students are met even before they start with us; liaising closely with Primary Schools to give every student the best possible start at Sandringham.

The year 7 induction programme begins in the summer of year 6 and students quickly become confident members of the Sandringham community.

Students at Sandringham start choosing their curriculum from year 8 onwards. An exciting range of modules are offered to give students an opportunity to experience different subjects and explore their own talents before making final choices later in life. All students start GCSE science and Religious Studies in year 9 and some students also start GCSE maths a year early.

We offer a very wide range of courses at Sandringham and through our 14-19 partnership with Beaumont and Verulam Schools; this motivates young people and provides them with a very personalised learning experience.

We polish our curriculum by setting in a number of subjects to deliver appropriate challenge to students of all abilities, and also teach some subjects in single sex groupings where we have found both girls and boys perform even better than when working together. This gives us the best of both worlds and offers an excellent blend of learning environments to suit everyone. Our ‘Gifted and Talented‘ programme provides a rich and challenging extension to the curriculum for students with particular strengths, whilst those students with learning difficulties are nurtured so they too can fulfil their potential. 

The curriculum throughout the school is a significant strength in its diverse and often imaginative provision, which has made the school a place of real relevance and enjoyment for its students.