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Examination Results

GCSE Results 2016

This was another year of excellent GCSE results. We are particularly pleased that both attainment and progress measures are very high. Well done everyone!

A* - A Grades 35%
A* - C in English and Mathematics 89%

Value added score  1039

Progress 8  +0.58 (top 100 schools)

A Level Results 2016

We are very proud of all our sixth form students and would like to congratulate on their achievements. The results are a school record and have given students the opportunity to fulfil their dreams of Higher Education at many of the best Universities in the country.

A* - A Grades 37%
A* - B Grades 67%
A* - C Grades 88%

242 average points per entry

+0.34 Level 3 VA score

ALPS progress 2