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Bring Your Own Device

It is a fallacy promoted by IT vendors that one device can satisfy every possible educational use. You wouldn’t use a laptop to record a competitor on the sports field, likewise you probably wouldn’t type an A-level essay on an iPad!

We propose a model showing that for longer duration or higher complexity tasks, you need more powerful and probably less portable equipment.

  • Low duration/complexity : web research, photo or video capture, blogging/tweeting, scanning QR codes, reading ebooks, quizzes, surveys etc.
  • Longer duration/complexity : word processing, programming, movie editing etc.

For Key Stage 3 (years 7-9), we are recommending a tablet device.

For Key Stage 4 (years 10 & 11), we are recommending a tablet device (or a laptop/netbook/Chromebook device for specific needs)

For Sixth Form, we are recommending a laptop or Chromebook device

For Key Stage 3 and 4, a suitable device is a requirement, as per school policy. For sixth form, a device is optional but strongly recommended.

A ‘smartphone’ is not a suitable learning device for this programme. Screen sizes are simply too small to be able to use eBooks, conduct research, write presentations or essays etc.

Furthermore, we require access to the Internet to be via our filtered WiFi and require devices with 3G/4G connections to have them switched off for the safety of our students and staff. The ‘no phones in lessons’ rule makes this much easier to monitor.